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Fairground Flophouse

Located in: Ramara
Location #5436

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Location Owner:timo explorer
Creation Date: 9/16/2012
Last Updated: 9/16/2012


Beauty old insul-brick farmhouse, on private property. Well-signed, they want no trespassers.
There is a large metal gate locked at the driveway, and at the back of the property is a fairly new garage-type of building that looks to be still used.
The house is very old, and the inside has been used for storage and appears to be quite a mess. Most windows are covered and there are few openings to view the interior. From what I could see, it has not been lived in for a very long time, dust covers everything. A couple of the upstairs windows are broken. All doors are boarded up.

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Status: Abandoned
Category: Other

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Fariground road
Fairground Flophouse
Created on:9/16/2012
Created by: timo explorer
13 photos

Prose7 says:
9/15/2014 4:55:53 PM

This is the old Greig family homestead. Percy Greig and his family, wife and two daughters lived here until into the 2000's. Yes, that is correct, the year 200+. I was the Fire Chief in Rama Twp. and we used to attend about 5 chimney fire per year. This house looked the same when they lived there. The rough cut lumber built shed to the side was built within the last 10 years by new owners.

timo explorer says:
9/17/2012 10:22:20 AM

Yes. east of Ramona.

clay70 says:
9/16/2012 10:50:51 PM

east of ramona?

ground state says:
9/16/2012 10:36:53 PM

Maybe not the greatest interior to explore then ha ha... can you imagine?! Local kids take daily rifle shots at the house and end up killing an explorer inside??

timo explorer says:
9/16/2012 9:12:16 PM

I had the same thought, must be bullet holes, but they are too big, unless they are using deer slugs, and they are lousy shots because they missed the windows. A mystery to me.

ground state says:
9/16/2012 8:35:36 PM

What are all the holes in the sides of the house from? My first impression was kids taking potshots with a 22 but the side window is intact, and we all know that'd be the first thing we would shoot out. So must be insect, but what? Carpenter bees? Something much more obvious?

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