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Expert Auto Mechanix

Located in: Toronto
Location #8085

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Location Owner:DARKMAN
Creation Date: 6/16/2013
Last Updated: 6/16/2013

Former home of EXPERT AUTO MECHANIX who has relocated, and I guess when you get clever with misspelling your name with an X they come and bulldoze the whole block. Abandoned garage pretty much is the last thing standing as the field behind has been leveled with equipment still there, I presume more condos will be built there as a few are in the works in the vicinity . I think I remember the field was used for paintball for a while but not sure. Basically an empty building with one shoe, one tire, a busted toilet, 2 blown speakers and a sink. Pretty boring but documented it anyway . I was hoping to find a bunch of money in that hole but no such luck.......Google earth picture from 2011 added shows the garage looking quite busy with business.....

Darkman UPDATE Jan 2014: Demolished.


Added by superss

I hope you don't mind me adding this little bit of history for this location. I know this place (from about 20 years ago). A buddy of mine used to lease it, his name was Greg Lake, an all around great guy. I think he called it Laker's Auto Repair or something like that. I went to high school with him & played adult hockey with him as well. He was my mechanic & was a rare find who was thorough & honest. I gave him my old 1977 Ford LTD as a gift when it started to get too hard to find parts. I told him to keep it for parts or whatever he wanted to do with it. In 1997 Greg passed away, he was only about 37 years old. He was a goalie & came home from an adult hockey game & died in his car in his driveway from a heart attack. His father, who used to help him out around the shop, found him in the morning.

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Status: Demolished
Category: Commercial


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Mechanix Not on Duty
Expert Auto Mechanix
Created on:6/17/2013
Created by: DARKMAN
18 photos

6/18/2013 5:43:33 PM

Superss: Hey dude, where's your car? LOL

Kenndruuh says:
6/17/2013 5:59:49 PM

Nice location!

superss says:
6/17/2013 4:39:45 PM

I was looking for my old car in the google picture, no luck.

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