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Eavestrough Building

Location #13149
City: Ajax and Pickering
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Status: Demolished
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Created By:highwayman
Creation Date: 2/3/2016
Last Updated: 4/14/2016
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This barn-like structure was apparently once the site of a small eavestrough business. It is a two storey building. Some interesting features include a breaker switchboard, a washroom, and (strangely enough) a kitchenette.

This location is in an active suburban area, so going during the daytime could easily result in being seen by neighbours, shoppers, or drivers.

Update: This building is now boarded up and likely to be demolished in the near future.

Eavestrough Building
Created on:4/14/2016
Created by: highwayman
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Address: 76 Harwood Ave N, Ajax, ON L1T 4W4, Canada

highwayman 2/10/2016 6:51:25 PM

Geez, I didn't even realize. It's almost like they flew a drone over or something.

trailblazer519 2/6/2016 3:00:14 PM

At least we get a general idea of the exterior from the satellite image. The resolution over this area when you zoom in is incredible..

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