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Dofasco Tube

Located in: Hamilton
Location #9330

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Location Owner:charlemagne
Creation Date: 8/6/2013
Last Updated: 2/12/2017

Graffitid railway bridge and weird metal passageway thing.

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1960's - 2017
Dofasco Tube
Created on:2/12/2017
Created by: charlemagne
3 photos
Spring at the Tube
Dofasco Tube
Created on:4/11/2016
Created by: oklems
4 photos
Snow and Vandalism
Dofasco Tube
Created on:1/24/2016
Created by: princessninja
12 photos
Nov 2013
Dofasco Tube
Created on:11/10/2013
Created by: HudsonTL
1 photos
The Tube
Dofasco Tube
Created on:8/6/2013
Created by: charlemagne
23 photos


Status: Demolished
Category: Railway


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charlemagne says:
2/12/2017 5:13:42 PM

This is one of the only locations I have ever created and as such it is deeply unfortunate, yet poetically fitting to announce that this small but fascinating location is no more. The metal tunnel has been removed and both the entrances filled in with concrete. As urban life waxes and wanes more and more fragments of days passed will disappear. RIP to another piece in Hamiltons industrial puzzle.

Cj_cripps says:
10/9/2014 12:30:18 AM

I grew up right around the corner from here nice pic reminds me of home

HudsonTL says:
11/10/2013 9:14:09 PM

Small, but creepy tunnel.

riddimryder says:
8/11/2013 1:16:38 PM

Protection from the elements!

charlemagne says:
8/8/2013 5:31:10 PM

Yeah that's an interesting theory I didn't even think of that. It connects to a parking lot near barton st and then goes straight to Dofasco. Doesn't really explain why its covered though.

riddimryder says:
8/8/2013 1:09:30 PM

Likely pedestrian bridge to service that parking lot for employees when the industry was booming.

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