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Detweiler's Meetinghouse 1855

Located in: Kitchener-Waterloo
Location #10809

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Location Owner:mobileworks
Creation Date: 7/26/2014
Last Updated: 10/13/2017

Detweiler's Meetinghouse and pioneer cemetery but it easily could and maybe should be called Samuel Snyder's Farm. Sam conveyed an acre of his property, in the late 1820's for a log school, church and cemetery as before that they met in homes. That was finished in 1830. This stone landmark was built in 1855, and replaced the earlier log school. This is the ONLY surviving meetinghouse built by Mennonites in Ontario. This was also their church led by Preacher Jacob F. Detweiler and Deacon Jacob H. Detweiler.They did not attend every Sunday but met friends and family on off Sundays. In 1958 Melvin Becker [grandson of Sam Snyder] granted more land for the cemetery. The building was closed in 1966 and transferred ownership a few times, nearly demolished in 1987, restored in 1999, and now can be rented out only if approved. It was covered in white stucco before renovation. The wood addition reflects an earlier wood shed there and has washrooms there, now............ It apparently has great acoustics. It still has the 159 year old pine floor, pine furnishings and original window glass. It is extremely solid with TWO FOOT granite walls from this area. This was also built by pioneer farmers and suppose to resemble Frick's Meetinghouse in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is where these first Mennonites came from and reflects on the headstones. There was however another brick meetinghouse before that present one,as well down there in Pennsylvania , and it was built in 1813 but demolished in 1883 for non use. ..........................This one seats 100, has washrooms[wheelchair], electricity but no kitchen..................................The largest headstone[pic taken] Perrin family had a red granite ball on top that was removed for fear it was too high. Some great old and new repairs here. A wooden grave marker of a hundred year old person, died in 2003 concerns me. Email didn't work and no return phone call for inside shots, yet.

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Status: Repurposed
Category: Educational


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    Doors Open 2017
    Detweiler's Meetinghouse 1855
    Created on:10/13/2017
    Created by: phrasesforbidden
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    Detweiler's Meetinghouse 1855
    Created on:8/7/2017
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    Detweiler's Meetinghouse 1855
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    Detweiler's Meetinghouse 1855
    Created on:7/26/2014
    Created by: mobileworks
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    mobileworks says:
    8/7/2017 10:52:26 PM

    Some very modern Mennonites here.

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