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Detroit Packard Plant

Located in: USA
Location #14754

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Location Owner:annaewb
Creation Date: 6/25/2017
Last Updated: 6/25/2017


This abandoned plant is a fascinating visit! The Packard Plant was an automotive plant that produced luxury cars during Detroit's economic peak. Construction began in 1903 and finished in 1911. It was designed by the architect Albert Kahn. It was closed in 1958 – but was used for storage until the 1990s. The building is far from pristine – and is crumbling. It is difficult to access floors other than the main as many of the stairs have deteriorated and seem unsafe. The walls are covered with graffiti, which some may find distasteful, but I think they really ad to the character of the site. This is definitely a must-see for urban explorers. It really started my infatuation and obsession with abandoned buildings! The air quality is decent, as the windows are broken and there is a lot of ventilation in most areas. Be careful of broken glass and metal on the floor. I would also recommend taking ALL valuables out of your car. There are usually some men in the parking lot who offer to guard your car from thieves if you pay them. We didn't, and were fine, but I have heard of cases in which this did not end so well! Detroit is an awesome place to explore. Another interesting site is the Michigan Central Station. These images are from my first experience with urban exploration when I was 14 (hence them not being as good/detailed). I remember taking photos of some of the quirky objects I found inside but can't seem to find them! I do plan on returning to this site to take more. My images do no justice to the site. It is truly MASSIVE! Enjoy!

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Status: Abandoned
Category: Industrial

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    Packard Plant!
    Detroit Packard Plant
    Created on:6/25/2017
    Created by: annaewb
    11 photos

    Sandikv says:
    6/26/2017 4:41:40 PM

    I saw this place on the show "Abandoned" recently. Cool.

    Motleykiwi says:
    6/25/2017 11:02:51 PM

    Just to warn people, there's usually three security guards who patrol this plant and you will get a trespassing fine if caught inside. They are ok with you walking the perimeter taking pictures, just so you know.

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