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Decker Hollow (ghost town)

Ontario : Port Hope
Location #852

Location Owner:clay70
Creation Date: 9/18/2009
Last Updated: 4/9/2012

Robert Decker and his 4 sons came to Hope Township in 1843 and set up a grist and sawmill at the headwaters of the Ganaraska River on Lot 34 Conc. 6 (100 acres). The pioneer village also had a store, tavern (owned by David Decker in 1867), a blacksmith and homes. The Deckers ran the mill until 1870. Between 1850-1870 drastic changes in transportation such as the Midland Railway (1857) and better roads elsewhere reduced traffic to Decker Hollow.

Then floods washed out the mill dams around 1870. The Oak Ridges Moraine had been fully depleted of its trees. More floods happened over the next 40 years which washed the village away. Because the trees were gone this caused rapid spring run-off and low summer flowage.

The 1878 Atlas map of the area shows nothing left of the village and even the Deckers had all moved away accept for one son nearby in Clarke Township.

Gilbert Decker married Sophia Reid and they settled at Crooked Creek where they ran a store. Charlotte Decker married James Burley and they both died around 1900 at Newtonville where they belonged to the Methodist Church there.

Other pioneers who lived at Decker Hollow include: Elizabeth Piper (1846-1930), Charlotte Decker (?-1922), Robert Vannatto (1841-1931).

In 1947 the Ganaraska Forest was planted and it saved the watershed and moraine from further damage. Today nothing of this pioneer village can be found accept for grassy mounds where buildings once stood.

To get here take Hwy. 2 to County Rd 65, north to Osaca, west on 6th Line to Townline Rd. and head north until you come to the creek. The village site was partially in the field and partially in the swampy forest by the creek to the east of this spot where an old road (now trail) exists.

There is a man-made sign just to the south of where I took those photos that says "Welcome to Decker Hollow. Population: 7".

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Decker Hollow (ghost town)
Decker Hollow
Created by: cntrygirl74

Decker Hollow (ghost town)
Decker Hollow (ghost town)
Down in the Hollow
Created by: clay70

Decker Hollow (ghost town)

Decker Hollow (ghost town)

Decker Hollow (ghost town)

Decker Hollow (ghost town)


Status: Unknown
Category: Ghost Town


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clay70 says:
6/5/2014 9:58:34 PM


ann_faith says:
3/14/2012 4:04:23 PM

does that say population 1''. ? Lol

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