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Death in the Mirror Part2?

Located in: Niagara on The Lake
Location #15352

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Location Owner:marcosphoto
Creation Date: 6/5/2018
Last Updated: 6/5/2018


I am new to Abandoned Places, so I am concerned about legalities to this particular entry. First, there are no-trespassing signs, hopefully this does not violate rules and obviously you must decide how you feel about this. My wife and I happened across this building whilst searching for another entry "Death in the Mirror". There is no doubt the structure is abandoned, however it is unclear of the purpose of the actual land it sits on. There is clear indication the area is not abandoned entirely, not far from the home there is construction occurring and around the home sit brand new weeping tube and tractors which may indicate it is about to be destroyed. I did not go inside, I was not dressed for entry. The main floor of the home appears safe when looking through the broken/missing windows, the basement however is a "swimming pool" about 5 feet deep with debris floating around. Basement access is likely possible from within the home but there is another entry point direct to the basement partially boarded by plywood. A very interesting find, will likely not be there next time I venture into the area.

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Status: Abandoned
Category: House or Farm

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Death in the mirror 2?
Death in the Mirror Part2?
Created on:6/5/2018
Created by: marcosphoto
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