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Crozier Homestead

Ontario : South Frontenac
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Created By:RogerM
Creation Date: 5/12/2014
Last Updated: 5/12/2014
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This is the story of a journey.

In April GS gave me a lead to this location, and told me it might be occupied. But since it was so close to the K&P trail, stealthy access might be possible. Due diligence required me to scout the location, and to research it, starting with google satelite view.

The property is an active farm at the end of Quinn Rd. in Portland Township. The road leading north from Quinn Rd visible on Google is a farm road, and the farm gate is at its south end. The 1878 Historical Atlas shows that the property was originally a 200 acre grant to Thomas Crozier, and the GPS coordinates corresponded to the site of the buildings marked in the atlas. Since the present farm house is close to Quinn Rd, I figured it was unlikely the original homestead was occupied. I wasn't even sure it was still there.

On Mothers Day, I parked at the end of Scanlan Rd (which used to be the continuation of Quinn Rd east of the wetlands) which was the closest access to the K&P trail. I followed the K&P trail to a point east of the coordinates, then followed a stream up into the property. Quite a climb, as the Murvale Creek wetlands are 100 feet below the lands on either side. After fighting my way through the hawthorne thickets and cedar tangles carrying all that gear, I wiped my brow to clear the perspiration, only to discover it wasn't. Something had caught my face just below the eyebrow, and I looked like the victim of a knife attack. I can only imagine what the farmer would have thought if he had found me skulking in his back 40!

The original homestead was there, but it was collapsed into the foundation. In the fashion of the day, the foundation was actually much larger than the house, and two newer structures had been built in the original 19th century foundation. The original house had stone walls, one of which had collapsed outward, giving the impression of cobblestones on the ground. The well was open, with an old hand pump still in place. Care was necessary as the pit is not completely covered.

The barns and sheds around the homestead are used by the farm for equipment and vehicle storage, and were of no interest.

Except for the hawthornes along the K&P boundary, and the wild raspberries overgrowing the collapsed house, the fields are wide open with a beautiful little brook running down the hillside. At the bottom of the stream are some old workings, which I imagine originally housed a small hydraulic wheel, possibly to pump water back up to the farmhouse.

Almost three hours round trip found me back at the car trying to clean myself up before driving to the next site.

May 2014
Crozier Homestead
Created on:5/12/2014
Created by: RogerM
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RogerM 5/12/2014 7:52:57 PM

Thanks for the lead. It was a lot of fun working this one up. The trip actually started pre-dawn, and I was back at the car recovering by 8:30 AM. Just a pleasant walk in the country . . . :-)

ground state
ground state 5/12/2014 7:44:20 PM

A 3 km round trip hike for stealth.... now that's the way to do it! Too bad it wasn't a standing house full of antiques, but that's the fun of it. And look on the bright side... if you did that length of hike in the Niagara region, you'd have 40 ticks to go with the hawthorne impalement!

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