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Croton Hydroelectric Dam

Located in: Norfolk County
Location #13995

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Location Owner:FondfulMemories
Creation Date: 9/24/2016
Last Updated: 9/24/2016


Located on Long Point Regional Conservation Authority land and therefor accessable without permission, access is available from Norwood Road. A gate blocks the last 500m of road before the trail to the dam but has a pedestrian entrance to the right. Power lines that once drew from the dam are still maintained and in operation today, so finding this site is as easy as following the poles. Take care though, as the trail is quite steep and can be dangerous when wet. Most of the dam's floor is covered in either mud or a few inches of water so rubber boots are highly recommended.

Site History:

Croton was selected for a dam and power plant by shareholders Robert Quance, a Croton lumber dealer, and his brother Peter Quance. The two brothers are well known in Delhi history for establishing a Delhi lumber and flour mill business.

The dam and power plant was operational by the spring of 1907.

Although the dam was built then, it was not built strong enough and was damaged by high water in December 1907. It was later rebuilt and reinforced.

In 1929 a diesel plant was added to the power plant in order to supply sufficient power to the Imperial Tobacco Company.
Nearly 30 years after it began servicing the Delhi area a spring thaw that saw the dam carried away again on Apr. 27, 1937, from which it was never rebuilt.

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Status: Collapsed
Category: Other

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    Croton Hydroelectric Dam
    Created on:9/24/2016
    Created by: FondfulMemories
    20 photos

    fiso says:
    9/25/2016 8:32:17 AM

    Nice write-up.

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