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Coyle Roadhouse

Ontario : Welland
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Location Owner:kev7716
Creation Date: 1/10/2013
Last Updated: 4/9/2013

The remains of a old railroad Roadhouse and concrete bridge leading to it .This is where the old locomotives went for maintenance and repair . Nothing here but just bush but back in the day was a very busy area. I first spotted this place in a 1934 Google Earth view .So today being a nice sunny day decided to take a walk in the area .I was totally surprised to see there was still remains of this place and a fully in tacked concrete bridge leading to it. I can't wait till spring thaw to see more of it .

(This was posted with my permission...OAP)

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Status: Historic Location | Category: Railway

Man bridge, railway switch
Coyle Roadhouse
Created on:4/4/2013
Created by: drunkenmunky420
6 photos
More Coyle Yard
Coyle Roadhouse
Created on:1/12/2013
Created by: kev7716
9 photos
Coyle Roadhouse
Coyle Roadhouse
Created on:1/10/2013
Created by: kev7716
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Address: 38-40 Terrace Avenue, Welland, ON L3C 2G5, Canada
Province: Ontario

drunkenmunky420 says:
4/5/2013 11:23:49 AM

yea my bad AGAIN, thats interesting never knew it was a cemetery I have walked out there alot and never seen any cemetery but there is lots of ponds now maybe it's under water

doom vs says:
4/4/2013 8:12:43 PM

I guess that's why it's called station park? Lol...

doom vs says:
4/4/2013 8:09:48 PM

Just added a link from wikimapia showing the outline of the old station which was across the canal.

drunkenmunky420 says:
4/4/2013 6:43:53 PM

Still might find an old building lots of bush over here. I'll update if I find anything new.

kev7716 says:
1/12/2013 9:35:12 PM

Welland's not the only town with 1934 views like this . Here is a larger Rail Roadhouse in Niagara Falls . You can even clearly see the turntable to guide the cars into it . Sad to say tho Salit Steel has completely flattened it. :(

ground state says:
1/12/2013 12:01:45 PM

The stone bridge is great! I think we have to do exactly what you started here: carefully pic through Welland and do a full inventory, area by area. There isn't much in the database, and for a predominantly canal-and-train-based old city, it should be loaded with "stuff".

Mydea says:
1/11/2013 12:27:18 AM

Neat find Kev, gotta love google earth!!!

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