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Cohen And Co Steel Distributors

Ontario : Kingston
Location #9835

Location Owner:ora
Creation Date: 10/31/2013
Last Updated: 12/11/2018

On Montreal Street there is this box of cement which has become a canvas for a myriad of artists armed with spray bottles. The I. Cohen & Co Ltd Steel Distributors company owned this building judging by the sign, and are presumed defunct as I cannot find anything about them. The building itself is now owned by the city of Kingston as part of their call to have land developers do a makeover.

Inside you'll find that all of the holes in the roof where water was leaking in were at that front half a door. Don't be silly like me use the big hole in the back. This whole back wall section looks like it was made out of wood and a fire was the likely cause for its closure judging by the scorch marks. Inside every section of the wall that is at head level is covered in spray paint from a number of generations by a number of people. The repository for all of the empty cans are in a pile in the middle.

The rubble there is interesting, there's a couch that has completely deteriorated down to it's wooden frame, the aforementioned can pile, a relatively intact bicycle, a smashed toilet, and curiously, a mattress. There are still some remnants of the original structure though, switches are still in place on load supporting poles, and some sort of pulley that looks like it may have used as a swing sits suspended from the metal roof.

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Colourful Cohen '18
Cohen And Co Steel Distributors
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Cohen And Co Steel Distributors
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Cohen And Co Steel Distributors
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Address: 578-610 Montreal Street, Kingston, ON K7K 3J2, Canada
Province: Ontario

ora says:
3/22/2015 3:20:21 PM

Yeah - they really ramped up security between my visit and Filthy's. And with a security guard that probably means they're renovating/demolishing it soon.

Globey says:
3/22/2015 10:30:42 AM

Site appears to be at least passively watched - My visit was cut short by a nearby security guard. He definitely noticed us, but didn't actively pursue us.

ground state says:
11/1/2013 6:06:09 AM

I hate graffiti in a place, but when it reaches a point like this where the entire location becomes one big canvas, it takes on a whole different meaning. Then suddenly it isn't so bad. In fact, it is always neat to see the long history of visitors.

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