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Church in the Tall Grass

Ontario : Perth South
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Location Owner:Talker
Creation Date: 7/27/2018
Last Updated: 8/11/2018

There's a new It House, and she's a beauty.

Another Stephen King classic is getting the film treatment, In the Tall Grass.

The story is about two "inseparable" siblings--one pregnant--who embark on a cross-country road trip, along the way getting embroiledin a creepy and ritualistic event, as the title would suggest, in the tall grass of the middle of nowhere.

The movie is being shot in Toronto, though Perth South is playing host to some of the outdoor scenes, meaning this church (or at least the two walls of it) has a short shelf life.

The foreman on site told me their construction is wrapping up on Tuesday, July 31st, after which the church will only be standing for three weeks. So if you want to see it, now's your chance! I'd recommend coming between August 1 and 3 to have the most likely chance of a shot without people in it.

Note: Coordinates may not be exact, but it is in that stretch of Road 122, and on the proper side of the street. It is west of Saint Paul's Station, but on the unpaved part of the road.

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Province: Ontario

Motleykiwi says:
8/12/2018 8:51:43 PM

Stopped by today and the road was blocked off with no access, as they were filming. Next Friday is suppose to be the last day. I would advise visiting next weekend as it may be your last opportunity. I adjusted the GPS closer to where it actually is.

Talker says:
7/29/2018 11:31:02 AM

Thanks MW. These should be better. For what it's worth, all I had to go on when setting out for it was a news article that said it was near Gildale Farms. I just drove County Road 122 until I found it. It was on the unpaved section before Saint Paul's Station.

mobileworks says:
7/29/2018 11:05:46 AM

Talker, please correct both GPS and address before it's too late. GPS is a horse track, in a field and address is a new house, thanks.

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