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Cheltenham Brickworks Gallery

Located in: Caledon
Location #2003

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Location Owner:clay70
Creation Date: 9/28/2010
Last Updated: 9/12/2019


This impressive site began back in 1820 when Charles Haines, a millwright from Cheltenham, England emigrated to the area. A year later he built himself a small settlement and in 1848 gave it the name of Cheltenham. In 1827 he added a grist mill.

The area was rich in "medina shale" which was a hard clay that made excellent bricks when fired in kilns.

By 1848 two distilleries were in operation producing liquor such as Cheltenham Wheat Whiskey. Five years later the town could boast not one but three hotels: Henry's, The North American and The Saville (operated by John Saville).

A decade later the town could boast having a mill, three hotels, two general stores, four shoe makers, a tailor, a dress maker and milliner.

In 1866 the town consisted of three mills, trunk and saddle maker, a stove dealer, wagon maker, cabinet maker, blind maker and upholsterer, two bonnet makers, carpenter, insurance maker, Baptist church and Orange Lodge.

In 1887 Haines added a store, hotel and two storey house after a fire in 1886, destroyed an entire block of original buildings including Henry's hotel. Many of those reconstructed buildings remain to this day. The town received telephone service in 1910 and has 124 subscribers.

In 1914, the Interprovincial Brick Company took over the brick making operations on Mississauga Road to expand their own brick making operations. Six downdraft kilns and one continuously firing kiln allowed the company to produce 90,000 bricks at once.

To provide accomodation for their workers, the company established a small town on the site. Rent was $13 a month which was cheaper than nearby Terra Cotta.

A fire in 1948 destroyed the grist mill. It is not known if it was rebuilt or not.

The town's population began to decline in the 1950's. The brick making continued until 1958 when the Interprovincial Brick Company ceased operatons. Domtar took over the site and demolished the workers homes.

In 1993 Brampton Brick reopened the brick yards for shale extraction. They have preserved the original brick works behind a chainlink fence.

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looking down at brick works
Cheltenham Brickworks Gallery
Created on:9/12/2019
Created by: doommckay
8 photos
Caledon Brickworks 2004
Cheltenham Brickworks Gallery
Created on:8/1/2017
Created by: Swinghammer
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July 2017 visit
Cheltenham Brickworks Gallery
Created on:7/20/2017
Created by: xourbex
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Cheltenham Brickworks Gallery
Created on:7/18/2017
Created by: ElectricEagle
12 photos
Cheltenham Brickworks Gallery
Created on:7/17/2017
Created by: Audventurous
17 photos
Cheltenham Brickworks Gallery
Created on:4/25/2017
Created by: DeftLeft
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Bats and Bricks
Cheltenham Brickworks Gallery
Created on:6/19/2016
Created by: Amadio
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The works 2016
Cheltenham Brickworks Gallery
Created on:2/22/2016
Created by: LivingGhost
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July 30th 2015
Cheltenham Brickworks Gallery
Created on:7/31/2015
Created by: ora
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Cheltenham Brickworks Gallery
Created on:3/27/2015
Created by: HeatherVix
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Cheltenham Brickworks Gallery
Created on:12/22/2014
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Quick Scout Late May 2014
Cheltenham Brickworks Gallery
Created on:5/26/2014
Created by: TheSaugaExplorer
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Nov 16/13
Cheltenham Brickworks Gallery
Created on:12/10/2013
Created by: Motleykiwi
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wintery visit
Cheltenham Brickworks Gallery
Created on:12/5/2013
Created by: drifter
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Activity On Site
Cheltenham Brickworks Gallery
Created on:9/8/2013
Created by: Miche
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Cool Cielings
Cheltenham Brickworks Gallery
Created on:6/18/2013
Created by: charlemagne
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Bricked Up
Cheltenham Brickworks Gallery
Created on:9/20/2012
Created by: Kenndruuh
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Brickworks June 2012
Cheltenham Brickworks Gallery
Created on:6/4/2012
Created by: SirG
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Brickworks - Inside & Out
Cheltenham Brickworks Gallery
Created on:5/17/2012
Created by: zerokarma
10 photos
Cheltenham Brickworks Gallery
Created on:1/26/2012
Created by: mike6639
6 photos
Cheltenham Brickworks Gallery
Created on:6/1/2011
Created by: cmariee
5 photos
Cheltenham Brickworks Gallery
Created on:1/20/2011
Created by: timo explorer
5 photos
Bricks in the Wall
Cheltenham Brickworks Gallery
Created on:9/28/2010
Created by: clay70
6 photos


Status: Abandoned
Category: Industrial


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ElectricEagle says:
7/18/2017 4:43:41 PM

Buildings are sealed tight unless you're an insect, except for the old silo which has a top and bottom part that can both be accessed. You can only go in the bottom half of the silo but you'll need a flashlight. The top half of the silo is extremely dangerous, the interior structure has completely collapsed in on itself and there's visible mold everywhere. Additionally, being the only hole to get in or out, there's a 99% chance you'll get a face full of pigeons the second you peek in

ElectricEagle says:
7/18/2017 4:32:09 PM

Spotted some neat relics in rubble here, in 2017! Some old cans at least 50 years old and some old tools. Incredible place for an archeologist, expansive underground systems and old living quarters make for many lost treasures

Miche says:
9/9/2013 10:16:35 AM

This was my first explore ever. The gate was open when we entered, but someone had locked it when we were ready to leave. There were 2 cars parked out front. I panicked and said eff this barbed wire fence, so we jumped it. Sorta a great moment, but I learned my lesson to read up more on the places I visit and take extreme caution. I later learned that there's a hole in the fence. Well done!

doom vs says:
5/1/2012 3:06:43 PM

@ riddim yes its been a frantic pace...still need to get out with you were in kitchener last weekend were you not? you should have given a heads up!

riddimryder says:
5/1/2012 2:39:45 PM

Doom, at the rate you're going you'll have explored southern Ontario by the end of the summer!

SuperSonic says:
10/10/2011 6:31:22 PM

was at this site October 10, 2011. not a great site. Access is easy.

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