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Champlain Restaurant

Ontario : Highway 69
Location #2134

Location Owner:OAP
Creation Date: 11/9/2010
Last Updated: 1/4/2012

This building was originally located about 1 mile west at the CP rail line just north of the French River. When it was built, there was a gap in Highway 69 at the French River and most tourists came to the region on the train. It was moved to the present location in the early 1960's. During the move, apparently a bet was made with the moving company that it could be done without breaking glasses that were filled with water and left on the tables.

The restaurant inside itself had been updated about 10 years ago and was reputed to have a friendly staff.

The restaurant was demolished March 2009 while the older outdated motel was left standing.

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Status: Demolished | Category: Commercial

July 2010
Champlain Restaurant
Created on:1/4/2012
Created by: karp0026
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Champlain Restaurant
Created on:11/9/2010
Created by: OAP
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Province: Ontario

karp0026 says:
1/7/2012 2:33:17 PM

Went back Dec 2011 and it is no longer there.

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