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Chalmers Church / Post Office

Ontario : Centre Wellington
Location #1198

Location Owner:skye_ann
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Creation Date: 3/15/2010
Last Updated: 7/19/2014

This stone church was erected in 1877, It is one of the 5 classic steeple churches ever built in Elora. In 1917 the building was no longer used for church services and became the home for several community events, as well as at one point an opera hall.

It's unknown when the building became abandoned, but it was sold to a developer in 2012 and has undergone a thorough restoration. It is now the home office building for One Axe Inc.

Included in the gallery below is a photo of the Elora Post Office taken in 1860 with the post master out front playing guitar..

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Chalmers Church / Post Office
March 4th 2012
Created by: RoadTrip

Chalmers Church / Post Office

Chalmers Church / Post Office

Chalmers Church / Post Office

Chalmers Church / Post Office

Chalmers Church / Post Office
Chalmers Church / Post Office
Created by: clay70

Chalmers Church / Post Office


Status: Repurposed
Category: Church



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doom vs says:
3/21/2012 3:09:44 PM

Ok...passed by again today, reno's are in full swing, big ticket...the place is active now. No need for full member. Someone change status if not too much trouble.

doom vs says:
3/21/2012 8:26:55 AM

I passed by this just about two weeks ago...there were people working on it. It's sold, I think, and it looked like they were doing some initial clean up of the yard.

doom vs says:
10/24/2011 8:42:32 PM

The poe is bricked up very solid. Neighbours with bark-a-holic dog said that some persons of no fixed address were shacking up inside, so I guess things are tighter now.

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