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Cade/Gillam Cemetery

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City: Middlesex County
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Created By:mobileworks
Creation Date: 2/2/2015
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John Getty born in 1776 is the oldest marker here with several born in the late 1700's. The lavish scripting constantly changing in the different light. The absence of maintenance gives it an abandoned feel but that's only grass and the headstones look good for their age. Not too many children here but the youngest appears to be Alfred A. Walker who died at only 2 months and 12 days old on September 2nd 1893. Mary Anne Bancroft at 89 was the oldest to be buried here.

Fannie Ann, Forever 19
Cade/Gillam Cemetery
Created on:2/3/2015
Created by: mobileworks
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jimmyenduro 2/4/2015 10:51:09 PM

Nice to see the old limestone markers cladded before acid rain got the better of them.

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