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Burys Green - tractor graveyard

Located in: Kawartha Lakes
Location #1903

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Location Owner:thumper21
Creation Date: 8/26/2010
Last Updated: 6/15/2019

There is an abandoned barn and hayloft here, but the biggest attraction is the 40 + abandoned tractors from every era including the 1920s, plus snowmobiles and assorted ancient dirt bikes. If you are a parts and labour project person, this would be heaven for you.

I note that deer use the old barn, judging by the droppings - it'd be a good winter shelter, and that the vehicles [note the Gremlin!] all have assorted mechanical junk in them as well.

Check the other listing here under "Kawartha Lakes" for the "gunshot story" of Bury's Green..

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Status: Abandoned
Category: Other


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A Very Delayed Post
Burys Green - tractor graveyard
Created on:6/15/2019
Created by: chelseadclxvi
20 photos
November 2016
Burys Green - tractor graveyard
Created on:12/11/2016
Created by: brooklynpotter8
6 photos
disappearing act
Burys Green - tractor graveyard
Created on:4/26/2016
Created by: jeepers
19 photos
Trucks and Tractors
Burys Green - tractor graveyard
Created on:9/5/2014
Created by: timo explorer
24 photos
Bury's Green
Burys Green - tractor graveyard
Created on:7/28/2011
Created by: crada
12 photos
Burys Green
Burys Green - tractor graveyard
Created on:8/26/2010
Created by: thumper21
20 photos

webchar says:
7/29/2016 9:05:24 PM

went here today, forsure being watched. two people pulled over while seeing me parked in the driveway within 5 minutes of being there.

jeepers says:
4/26/2016 10:33:09 AM

was here on the weekend and it seems someone is cleaning the place out a lot of empty spots and drag marks around the property big difference from the first set of photo's of machinery to now

czois says:
4/11/2012 2:49:22 AM

does anybody live here or work here at that location? nice tractors are there, has anything been moved or has been the same for a long time?

crada says:
7/28/2011 3:20:45 AM

Hi there! I uploaded a few pictures, but the gallery is not showing up for some reason. Anyway, it was a very fun and colourful location to explore. Very easy to access, but kind of an odd feeling to be walking hip-deep in the tall grass, not knowing what's underneath. :)

white rat says:
10/22/2010 2:12:08 PM

I'm going to see this place this weekend, I'll post pics when I get back.

diesel79 says:
8/28/2010 9:20:53 AM

Sweet place! Great find thumper21!

clay70 says:
8/27/2010 6:04:54 PM

hmm i drove by and missed this place I think..

rcouper says:
8/26/2010 5:48:22 PM

Love all the 'Stuff'

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