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Burtch Correctional Facility

Located in: Brant County
Location #1662

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Location Owner:OAP
Creation Date: 6/9/2010
Last Updated: 2/14/2015


The Burtch Correctional was opened in 1948. It operated until January 2003.

On February 28, 2006 the Six Nations of the Grand River began a demonstration at the Caladonia housing development to protest a land claim near Caledonia.

The government offered them the 153-hectare Burtch site as part of a $125 million settlement for three land claims.

The Six Nations wanted the Burtch facility to be demolished and reverted back to land. The cost of decommissioning and demolishing the site was reported to be $1 million. At the time there were 37 buildings on the site.

In 2008 a First Nations development company wanted to transform the centre into an aboriginal healing and rehabilitation facility.

Today one building remains. On my 2010 visit, the road into the site was occupied by construction workers and visitors had to stop at the gate.

More History:

During World War II, Number 4 Wireless School, R.C.A.F. was
located near the corner of Cockshutt and Burtch Roads. After the
war, the base was converted to Burtch Industrial Farm. Fruit and
vegetables were grown and much of the crop was processed
at the cannery on site. Livestock was also raised here for meat.
Eventually farming ceased and the site was converted to the
Burtch Correctional Centre and inmates did volunteer work
with the community. The correctional centre is now gone.

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Status: Demolished
Category: Correctional

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Burtch Correctional
Burtch Correctional Facility
Created on:2/14/2015
Created by: mitchw
1 photos
Burtch Correctional Facility
Created on:6/30/2010
Created by: OAP
5 photos

sarahdanielleph says:
4/9/2014 4:25:08 PM

I drive by this site on my way to work and there has been a lot of activity lately. Pylons at the end of the driveway have been moved around and are now gone.

SuperSonic says:
3/1/2013 10:16:32 PM

also....these photos are just of the house that was on Burtch. The buildings further into the site were interesting. I don't think I have any photos of the site (lost on an old hard drive).

SuperSonic says:
3/1/2013 10:14:53 PM

@that...site has been completely cleared. Nothing left. Being given back to Six Nations. when I was at this site about 5 or 6 years ago, there was a chapel and part of the canning plant.

that-girl says:
1/7/2012 4:15:07 AM

any recent updates on this place? a prison would be really cool to go and see!

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