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Burgess Mine

Located in: Hastings County
Location #891

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Location Owner:clay70
Creation Date: 10/4/2009
Last Updated: 10/4/2009

Burgess was the smaller sister town of Craigmont. In 1902 the Ontario Corundum Company found corundum here as well- on the side of a mountain. More miners came by 1913 after a major fire destroyed the mine at Craigmont. Burgess Mine, located in Carlow Township was a similar operation that blasted rock from the side of the mountain, which was loaded with corundum crystals.

Supposedly the population grew to be 300 at its height of production. There was a church, a post office (opened 1905), boarding houses, a hotel, cottages and a telegraph office. Things lasted here until 1917 when a substitute for corundum was found.

When I was here in the autumn of 2009 I found one building, some strange hole shoots behind it on the mountain and one of the mine shafts (there were a few). It is now plugged up, very decoratively, with well-placed granite rocks inside the forest.

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Burgess Mine
Created by: clay70

Burgess Mine

Burgess Mine

Burgess Mine

Burgess Mine

Burgess Mine

Burgess Mine

Burgess Mine


Status: Unknown
Category: Mine


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lukejenkins says:
10/30/2014 11:56:49 PM

That wall isnt covering a mine its the foundation of an old building i believe it was actually the mill

greg andersom says:
5/1/2012 8:36:22 PM

891-notice the dog houses for the fall hunt

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