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Brick St. School
Located in: London
Location #10590

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Location Owner: Talker
Creation Date: 6/22/2014
Last Updated: 6/28/2014

It was four years ago that Brick St. Elementary School was closed. After declining enrolment got the better of it, the Thames Valley District School Board closed the school and put it up for sale in June of 2010. The for sale sign changed to sold about two years ago, but the windows have remained smashed or boarded and the property overgrown since then.

Update by AndrewLawton (08/21/2014)
In August, 2014, Drewlo Holdings, the development company that owns the former Brick St. School, submitted an application for a demolition permit to build high-rises.
Admin note:
This entry was created by AndrewLawton and only moments later Finz519 also created the same extra. As the first one would be offline due to Andrew being a Basic Member and needing admin approval, the entry rightfully is his. It was very close.

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Status: Demolished
Category: Educational

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