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Bradley Ave.

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Located in: London
Location #8033

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Location Owner:Dave Summer
Creation Date: 6/8/2013
Last Updated: 4/30/2014

I've had my eye on this one for awhile now. Recently abandoned. There isn't much decay yet. Somebody has already taken the stained glass from the front window. Built 1905. Some nice features inside.

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Status: Demolished
Category: House or Farm

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August 2013
Bradley Ave.
Created on:4/30/2014
Created by: emilylikescats
8 photos
August 2013
Bradley Ave.
Created on:4/23/2014
Created by: meaghandiane
15 photos
July 31, 2013
Bradley Ave.
Created on:1/13/2014
Created by: OAP
11 photos
Bradley Ave.
Created on:10/7/2013
Created by: Veeedub226
16 photos
Some Stuff Stripped
Bradley Ave.
Created on:6/11/2013
Created by: superss
30 photos
June 2013
Bradley Ave.
Created on:6/10/2013
Created by: Dave Summer
18 photos
March 2012
Bradley Ave.
Created on:6/8/2013
Created by: Dave Summer
3 photos

mattgrant1 says:
6/26/2014 10:18:10 PM
I'm sure it was nothing - just really creepy, especially considering the age of the building, and the style of the building. I love exploring old buildings for the thrill, but spending days at a time in one, especially over night, has a real creepy feel aha.
ground state says:
6/25/2014 10:02:37 PM
Old baby monitors and cordless phones (not cells) ran on the same 10 frequencies. It used to be possible to drive down the road pressing TALK, TALK, TALK until you hijacked someone's line, then get closer to the house for reception, and then call Europe on their bill.
mattgrant1 says:
5/8/2014 8:48:35 PM
Girlfriend at the time was the last resident of this house. There was a lot of really creep things going on in the place. She had a baby brother and the baby monitor would pick up what sounded like girls talking. I don't have a lot of information on the history of this place, just that the basement use to be extremely creep - exposed brick, old coal heating (before switching to propane).
Storytrail says:
4/23/2014 3:16:37 PM
Sad that it's gone, would have been a beautiful house in its time!
Finz519 says:
9/9/2013 1:00:59 PM
I just drove past and it's all just a pile of wood.
superss says:
6/11/2013 12:27:54 AM
Great find Dave, thanks. It seemed as though things were selectively stripped. Most doors & hardware gone, floor grates missing, stained glass gone ..... But stairs left alone as well as front door. Hopefully it was the last owners that scooped up all the goods.
f.o.s. says:
6/10/2013 10:41:13 PM
What a gem! That staircase is immaculate.
trailblazer519 says:
6/10/2013 3:16:34 PM
Nice find dave..
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