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Bonny Bank

Ontario : Whitby
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Creation Date: 5/18/2011
Last Updated: 5/18/2011

As you drive west along Taunton Road you will come upon the ruins of the former farm of John Madill. In 1841, John settled on concession 4, lots 34 and 35. There he built a farm which he named Bonny Bank. A drawing of Bonny Bank is featured in the Illustrated Atlas of the County of Ontario. A farmer and stock breeder, John was born in Toronto Township.

All that remains today are the ruins of the stone homestead, as well as a silo which was probably built after 1877 as it does not appear in the Canadian County Atlas. You can find the ruins on the northeast corner of Taunton Road and Halls Road.

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Province: Ontario

spydrgyrl says:
6/4/2011 5:33:18 PM

You would never know now that this beautiful farmstead once stood there.

clay70 says:
5/18/2011 8:50:04 PM

i had to turn around here on sunday..lol

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