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Bond Head Bond

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City: Bradford
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Status: Demolished
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Created By:timo explorer
Creation Date: 6/23/2013
Last Updated: 12/3/2015
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On the outskirts of Bond Head sits this beautiful, large farmhouse, surrounded by fields which are still tended. A large barn on the property has seen better days. Other buildings may still be used by the farmer who takes care of the crops.

At the end of a long, pine-tree lined driveway, the house sits empty, all the main floor openings boarded up. The windows on the second floor are open to the elements, and the local fauna. I have checked this place out a few times and never had a POE, but on my latest visit...success. Unfortunately, the interior is barren and not really too exciting. Vandals and scrappers must have had access before the place was originally boarded up. A piano sits outside a rear door, appearing to have escaped into the fresh air only to fall once it reached sunlight.

Thanks for Doom for pointing out this place, although it had been on my radar for some time previously. Always nice to share locations with local explorers. Some photos are blurry and most needed a flash due to the extreme darkness inside.

**Demolished June 7, 2017.

December 2015
Bond Head Bond
Created on:12/3/2015
Created by: aeb00
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Bond Header
Bond Head Bond
Created on:6/23/2013
Created by: timo explorer
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timo explorer
timo explorer 6/8/2017 9:15:28 PM

Demolished June 7, 2017.

doom vs
doom vs 6/24/2013 8:52:37 AM

Finally made it in good stuff.

drunkenmunky420 6/23/2013 7:09:04 PM

Great old farm house, nice eye to spot this one. From a distance with the maintianed fields and with a newer looking metal roof hardly looks abandoned.

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