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Bird House Lane

Ontario : Bradford
Location #4530

Location Owner:timo explorer
Creation Date: 4/17/2012
Last Updated: 12/3/2015

I have passed by this place hundreds of times, and yet only noticed the long overgrown driveway this past week. With the leaves off the trees, i could see a structure, not sure what was down the lane, I waited until the right opportunity to pounce.
The overgrowth on the laneway shows that no one had been here in a long time. Every fence post along the lane had a bird house of some sort, the property was littered with them.
The house itself is a red brick, solid structure that has been ravaged by scrappers, but not highly vandalized. The roof at the rear of the house, where the kitchen once was, has seen better days and the weather has dropped much of the roof insulation to the floor. The rest of the house is still solid, but weathered.
There are three outbuildings at the back of the property. One was a tool shop of some sort, with a lathe and other tools. The middle shed housed an old washing machine and may have been used for storage. The largest of the sheds was used for animals. There are six pens with dog houses inside, not sure if it was a puppy mill or used for some other critters. A couple of old dog food cans may be just a coincidence, or maybe this helps to explain why the place had been abandoned in the first place.

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December 2015
Bird House Lane
Created on:12/3/2015
Created by: aeb00
20 photos
Lost in the Woods
Bird House Lane
Created on:7/17/2014
Created by: crazy_cyclist
20 photos
October 5, 2012
Bird House Lane
Created on:3/17/2013
Created by: OAP
12 photos
Bird dog
Bird House Lane
Created on:4/17/2012
Created by: timo explorer
35 photos


Status: Demolished
Category: House or Farm


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crazy_cyclist says:
9/5/2018 9:58:10 AM

I was visiting my parents last week and went by this place. It looks like it's gone.

sleep_is_awesome says:
3/18/2014 3:16:05 AM

@UnLeashed_Photography Yes it's still there, drove by today so I can at least confirm there is a frame and exterior.

UnLeashed_Photography says:
5/25/2013 5:54:57 PM

I'm not sure if this place is still there, I couldn't find it yesterday for the life of me. Can anyone confirm?

maureen e. says:
3/7/2013 8:14:31 AM

It is easy to see with most locations that at one time someone loved the home. There is always some element that proves. The special built in cupboards, the special tiles in the bathroom.

bigpaulsmall says:
4/17/2012 10:02:47 PM

That dresser in Picture 24 looks like something out of Disney's Pixar studio.

Derelict Compositions says:
4/17/2012 8:11:17 PM

That's a bird mansion!

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