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Bicknell Bus Loop

Located in: Toronto
Location #15354

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Location Owner:Fleet
Creation Date: 6/5/2018
Last Updated: 6/5/2018

A transit loop for vehicles has existed in some capacity here since 1925, when the Rogers Rd. streetcar had its terminus extended to this loop.
This loop remained the terminus for the streetcar route until its elimination in the 1970s when the TTC was looking to focus their streetcar fleet downtown and rework the Rogers Rd. route. Bicknell Loop continued to be used as a terminus, this time for trolley buses. The 63F Ossington trolley bus would proceed north on Ossington Ave, then on Oakwood Ave, then across Rogers Rd. to Bicknell where it would meet a new bus route serving Humber Blvd.
The trolleys were slowly phased out of the TTC's fleet in the 80s and 90s, and the 63F Ossington branch was replaced with an entirely new route, the 161 Rogers Rd.
Despite there being another loop built nearby, the TTC continued to use this loop up until 2000. After that, the intersection of Weston and Rogers was reworked, allowing more convenient through access for the 161 bus. Bicknell Loop was declared surplus and abandoned.
The property, which included the bus loop and some maintenance sheds behind it, was sold to a property developer and is being turned into townhouse condo units.

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Bicknell Bus Loop
Time Warp
Created by: Fleet

Bicknell Bus Loop

Bicknell Bus Loop

Bicknell Bus Loop

Bicknell Bus Loop

Bicknell Bus Loop


Status: Demolished
Category: Other



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