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Between Church and Lumber

Located in: Niagara Falls
Location #5839

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Location Owner:unoccupied
Creation Date: 11/19/2012
Last Updated: 2/11/2013


Everything has been completely removed.


Tucked back behind st antoine hall and a lumber yard in Niagara Falls sits a lonely and trashed home in an advanced state of decay. I couldn't find any info on the net about this please but a source in the city mentioned it may have been a nuns quarters, but who really knows?

Access is easy and there is some great decay to be found throughout!!

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Status: Demolished
Category: House or Farm


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Inner City Horror Story
Between Church and Lumber
Created on:2/11/2013
Created by: ground state
16 photos
Nov 24, 2012
Between Church and Lumber
Created on:11/24/2012
Created by: unoccupied
19 photos

Blind_3 says:
7/19/2013 4:15:58 PM

This place has been demolished. I saw the bulldozers knocking it down a few weeks ago. Glad I got to go check it out before it was destroyed.

ground state says:
2/13/2013 10:04:18 PM

It isn't any kind of story - just an introduction and subsequent photos. The story is 'to each their own', what you make of it.

superss says:
2/12/2013 7:02:45 PM

I didn't see it to that extreme, that's over the top. It did remind me of the police drama shows we see on t.v. these days though.

trailblazer519 says:
2/12/2013 2:04:08 PM

ground.. I hope this isn't a pedophile story :-|

ground state says:
2/12/2013 5:50:13 AM

It was the playground proximity that threw me. I don't get it! The principal and teachers drove in every day looking at this house sitting right next to the primary-kid area and it seemed like nobody demanded it get sealed up? Or maybe they finally did, since it got boarded sometime since my visit (about two weeks ago).

superss says:
2/11/2013 11:31:33 PM

GS, I think you were thunking up a pretty crazy story.

ground state says:
2/11/2013 7:37:30 PM

I drove by here this weekend to see how things have progressed. All ground-floor POEs have now been tightly boarded up with fresh plywood. Too bad!!

timekeeper says:
11/19/2012 4:56:04 PM

Hey GS, my cousin in the falls rood me about it. It's well hidden behind the church, school and lumber store. It's also very trashed!

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