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Bethel Methodist Church

Located in: Lanark County
Location #11971

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Location Owner:fiso
Creation Date: 5/3/2015
Last Updated: 7/18/2017


The former site of the Bethel Methodist Church. What remains are some foundations, a portion of the structure, an historical plaque and someone's red t-shirt. From the Tay Valley Township website:

"In 1893, the Bethel Methodist Church was built. The brick building was erected to replace an old log building which was much too small for the congregation. In order to start a fund for the building of the church, Mr. William Pratt donated $100. Dedicated to the cause, Mr. Pratt also collected funds for the church, gathering $300 in one day. Members from the community all pitched in where they could donating money, lumber and hard work.

Mr. Dick Campbell was responsible for the stone work, the Bishop Bros did the framework and Messrs. Charlton and Buchanan did the brick work. The minister at the time, Reverend Barry Pierce painted the church. During the construction of the church, the workers boarded free of charge at Mr. William Pratt's. The church was free of debt when it was completed, and with the small remaining funds, a shed was built for the church.

The church held no socials or suppers and people donated what they could. Money, food, fuel and horse fodder were all donated to the minister from church goers. The first wedding to be held in the church was between Thomas North and Margaret Pratt, and the last wedding, the union of Harold McGinnis and Violet VanAlstine was held in 1942. In 1959, the roof collapsed and at this point the building had been vacant for some time. A monument can be found where the church once stood on Bennett Lake Road."

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Status: Historic Location
Category: Church

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July 2017
Bethel Methodist Church
Created on:7/18/2017
Created by: timo explorer
10 photos
May 2015
Bethel Methodist Church
Created on:5/3/2015
Created by: fiso
8 photos

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7/20/2017 7:38:46 PM


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