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Baptist Church

Location #10317
City: Brant County
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Status: Historic Location
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Created By:oldmann66
Creation Date: 4/26/2014
Last Updated: 4/26/2014
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This is Second Onondaga Baptist Church built in 1854 and has been empty since 1984. Lots of history behind this church. This cemetry is under the supervision of the Cemetery Board of Onondaga Baptist Church. It is still active, accepting new burials, and is very well maintained. If you like old churches and cemeteries this is a nice place to explore.

Second Onondaga Baptist Church
Baptist Church
Created on:4/26/2014
Created by: oldmann66
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Address: 330 Baptist Church Road, Caledonia, ON N3W 2G9, Canada

superss 4/27/2014 2:36:31 AM

Nice spot oldmann.

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