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Ballycroy (ghost town)

Ontario : Adjala-Tosorontio
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This noted Ghost town was covered by Ron Brown in his books. Today it is a semi-ghost town as there are still about 10 families- some living in modern homes and others in the ghost town originals here in Adjala-Tosorontio Township..

The story of Ballycroy is indeed an interesting one, and while there its hard to imagine the road across from the still-standing general store could have had so much industry in its heyday. This trail seems to be in a hilly area full of trees now.

In the 1820's Irish settlers came to the area and a Mr Beaty opened a chopping mill. He and his brothers expanded this operation into a sawmill, shingle maker and flour mill which lasted until the 1930s.

1870 was a boom year for the town of 200 with 2 stores, law office, millinery, post office, doctor, vet, 2 churches, blacksmith, 4 taverns/hotels, liquor store. It was a busy stopping place.

An Orange Hall opened to the chagrin of the Irish. It became the sight of brawls fueled by the Feheny's tavern owners and drunk patrons.

In 1875 fire took out Small's Hotel as his famly barely escaped with their lives. 3 other live-ins weren't so lucky. Arson was suspected. Then in 1877 the H & NW Railway bypassed the town. Bad lucked continued as the Temperance movement ended the drinking at the taverns/hotels. The final blow happened when the roads in the area were re-alligned.

To see the historical map where everything once was located check my photo gallery.

The 1872 Gazatteer has this info:

BALLCROY - A thriving village, lot 1, 15th concession, Township
of Adjala, 37 miles from Barrie, and 9 from Bolton Station.
The River Humber affords good water-power. Population 250.

Beatty, Henry, P.M., general } Hamilton, John, baker
merchant } Hanna, George, sawyer
Beatty Bros., props. flouring mills } Harrison, Joseph, pump-maker
Beatty, Samuel, shingle factory } Hurse, James, shoemaker
Beatty, Wm., prop. saw mill } Keena, Patrick, hotel keeper
Brawley, Francis, distiller } Livingston, Wm., J.P.
Brawley, Wm., prop. steam saw } Manning Bros., harness makers
mills } Manning, Edwin, plasterer
Caldwell, Charles, farmer } Mullin, James, contractor
Carson, David, saloon keeper } Noonan, Denis, solicitor
Coolahan, Joseph, butcher } Robb, Thos., hotel keeper
Cox, Robt., farmer } Shinamen, James, watchmaker
Crisp, John, farmer } Small, Peter, general merchant
Dunham, John, M.D. } Thurston, James, miller
Evans, Robt., vet. surgeon } Walsh, J.J., teacher
Fehely, Michael, farmer } Wilson, John, blacksmith

Just to the NE was another famed ghost town called Keenansville. It has a write-up too.

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Ballycroy (ghost town)
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Address: 1042-1090 Ballycroy Road, Palgrave, ON L0N 1P0, Canada
Province: Ontario

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