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BBQ and Truck

Ontario : Stone Mills
Location #10904

Location Owner:RogerM
Creation Date: 8/11/2014
Last Updated: 8/11/2014

It had all the signs. Heavily overgrown lane into the woods, with a civic number and no mailbox. Decided to explore.

About a hundred feet in, the lane forked. I followed the left branch and it circled through the woods bringing me back to the road. Nothing.

So I returned to the other branch and came on a clearing. Old truck at the other end. Then I saw the stone work and thought "Great. Yet another foundation, fireplace and chimney." But I was wrong.

I found a stone barbeque and a disintegrating picnic table. I have no idea what the property was used for, but someone put a lot of love and effort into the building of that barbeque.

I have posted it because it is so unusual. Maybe someone here can add to the story.

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Province: Ontario

Egregious says:
8/16/2014 11:35:44 AM

I have seen a few places like this. People buy lots and use them for camping. They likely came here with a trailer or tent with the idea of building a cottage later on. Life has a way of getting in the way of best laid plans.

mobileworks says:
8/11/2014 6:52:34 PM

good persistence and yes, very strange. great shots.

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