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Ayr of Yellow

Ontario : Ayr
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Created By:doom vs
Creation Date: 11/27/2011
Last Updated: 6/19/2014
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Yellow brick farmhouse just north of Ayr on a busy road close to the 401. Active farm across the road. House is abandoned, but the property provides access to the fields behind it, and there is some storage in the outbuildings. Three wells found, all covered posing no danger. No poe at this time and vandal free, with just a few broken outer windows and some boards put in on the lower level. Not sure if the owners run the farm across the road, but nobody bothered me for the half hour I was exploring and parked right in front. House is in good shape except for the shed-like addition on the rear, which is starting to show holes in the roof etc. No mention of the structure nor ownership of the land in the 1878 atlas.

Ayr of Yellow
Created on:12/10/2015
Created by: renns
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Ayr of Yellow
Created on:6/19/2014
Created by: mobileworks
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Northumberland St
Ayr of Yellow
Created on:3/7/2012
Created by: brianrdouglas
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mobileworks 1/3/2017 4:30:18 PM

Crap, We have only the pictures now, dam. It photographed well.

renns 1/2/2017 2:38:52 PM


renns 12/11/2015 10:22:57 AM

I just visited there recently, on 12/10/2015. I gained access inside via a window in the back that had a saw horse and ply wood on it that was falling out. I took my GoPro with me, and got some cool video of the inside - the pictures I have posted are screenshots from said video. Probably the coolest place I've been within walking distance, better than the house next to the Greenfield mill.

f.o.s. 11/24/2012 7:57:00 PM

Drove past this place today and it looks the same, vacant and no landscaping, I would be very surprised if it were being seriously renovated for immediate use. I would think preservation work is being done if so, but can't tell anything seeing it for myself ;)

riddimryder 7/8/2012 12:25:50 PM

LOL! Exterior only because inside was boring to me! The tv was kinda cool but the tv had too much crap piled on it for me to want to set up a shot!

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