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Aurora White Pillar House

Ontario : Aurora
Location #1084
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Status: Demolished
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Created By:mfer
Creation Date: 2/7/2010
Last Updated: 12/1/2014

This beautiful house in Aurora seems destined for demolition for commercial buildings.

Mid-Demo 2011
Aurora White Pillar House
Created on:12/1/2014
Created by: Jitzin
7 photos
March 2011
Aurora White Pillar House
Created on:3/19/2011
Created by: captamerica
19 photos
Aurora White Pillar House
Created on:6/30/2010
Created by: mfer
13 photos

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missdollanganger 12/25/2011 6:20:08 PM

what a shame about it being torn down :c lovely find

canadavey 3/27/2011 2:07:45 PM

As of today, this location is looming in the shadow of a machine used for demolition.

don 3/24/2011 4:50:11 PM

Its gone now. shame...

captamerica 3/19/2011 3:16:31 PM

mfer, your shots are great. I was there last month just before the bulldozers arrived. I added another gallery...

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