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At the End of the Lake Road

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Created By:thatgrrl
Creation Date: 1/2/2015
Last Updated: 1/2/2015

This house was also used as a business. At the time I visited it was still standing, but abandoned. I heard some story about the owners being forced out due to construction and business issues. Not sure what actually happened. The house was well and freshly boarded up - I did not try to enter it. I walked all around and had a look at the remains of gardens and out buildings and some other debris which seemed to be a spot they had a barbecue pit.

For me the most interesting things were the lake location, also right off the 400 highway and the stovewood construction of the house. I hadn't known this name (for the stacked log ends) but someone else posted about it on my Flickr account.

It has a circular driveway after a drive up to the house. This and the abandoned gardens are still there to see but the house is completely gone. Even the old farm equipment, which had been decorative at the entrance of the driveway, had disappeared when I went for a look after the demolition.

If you go to see this place there is a small public area right next to where the house was. A great view of the lake here if you bring along coffee, a picnic lunch, etc.

I don't know how long there will be much to see however as the construction for the highway and the new bridge they are building for the 400 is taking over some of the land around. Someone else may know more but to me it seems this land was wanted for a reason and the demolition was not put on hold for long.

At the End of the Lake Road
At the End of the Lake Road
Created on:1/3/2015
Created by: thatgrrl
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Address: 196 Little Lake Drive, Barrie, ON L4M, Canada


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