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Art Thompson Arena

Ontario : Ajax/Pickering
Location #16058

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Creation Date: 6/6/2019
Last Updated: 6/6/2019

The Now abandoned Art Thompson Arena. Surprisingly, this location has lots left behind to look at for the restaurant/bar (booze Sill present) 2 arenas, a pro shop and some other interesting office room. Im unsure when this arena closed but it seems unexpected as there is many items from 2018/2019 present in the building. Even there smart serve license is valid till 2019. I'd get to this one sooner than later as its making its round of Facebook and is very easy to find.
Some info from the arenas website:
40 years of continuous men's league hockey since 1975. Teams such as the Muffhawks and Randpools have been playing at the Arena for a good portion of the time the arena has been opened. The Men's league is now approximately 50 teams playing 5 nights per week Tuesday to Saturday. Each day there are players of all calibres and ages ranging from 19 years to 60 years old. (Probably older except the individuals would never admit it).

The rink was built in 1972 by the original owners and operators Jack Foley, Vern McGuiness, Vern Jasper and Jerry Laudon. Vern's sons continue to frequent the rink with regular ice every Thursday night.
The rink was purchased in 1998 from the original owners by NCI Sports and Entertainment.
Brian Gagne, the Rink General Manager has been working at the Arena for approximately 30 years. Dale Dettman the Chief Operator has been working at the Arena for over 25 years, The loyalty and dedication of employees like these have made this the family friendly facility it is known to be.

The restaurant bar, managed by Krista Sarson, who is often described as “so warm and friendly” , has made the restaurant a place the players, their wives, friends and others gather after a game and watch their favorite NHL teams on the many big screen TVs set up throughout the bar.

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Address: 1474 Bayly St, Pickering, ON L1W 1L8, Canada
Province: Ontario

Motleykiwi says:
6/12/2019 11:24:00 PM

Time is limited here I think, today they had most of the building right beside demoed, I''m sure the arena is next.

bandi says:
6/8/2019 9:01:47 PM

I learned to skate here!

ToxicUrbex says:
6/7/2019 9:43:06 PM

Good job

Motleykiwi says:
6/7/2019 1:04:22 AM

Cool Spot.

timo explorer says:
6/7/2019 12:46:15 AM

Great find.

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