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Location #11545
City: Vaughan
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Status: Demolished
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Created By:bigpaulsmall
Creation Date: 12/29/2014
Last Updated: 12/29/2014
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Went looking for a couple houses on a little dead end street that I remember from months ago. I was devastated to find both houses had taken a dirt nap. I hate when that happens. Missed them, and now they're gone forever. Went to the dead end to turn around and saw a long driveway with a construction fence across it. Looked way back and saw a farm, so I went for a 1 km walk. Came across this really cool farm house.(It was snowing a bit at the time) Power to the barn was still on, there was a November 2014 calendar and some rotten Halloween pumpkins on the front porch. Hmmm, the place looks like it's been abandoned a lot longer than that. This place is very close to the location "3 X 27= 81", you know, the one with the red caboose out front? Well that one is completely gone and is full of construction equipment. The field around this farm have lots of orange surveyor stakes in the ground, so this place is on their radar too.There is a second, newer, unexplored house on the property, but my batteries ran out, so there is something for the next visitor to find.

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Animals at Large
Created on:12/29/2014
Created by: bigpaulsmall
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maple 6/2/2016 6:33:56 PM

This place is long gone now. Huge industrial building sits on the whole piece of land.

Motleykiwi 12/29/2014 6:53:49 PM

Great find.

f.o.s. 12/29/2014 5:20:45 PM

I really like the look of this place, it's got character. Nice find bud!

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