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American Standard factory

Located in: Cambridge
Location #3611

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Location Owner:skye_ann
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Creation Date: 12/14/2011
Last Updated: 1/30/2015

Old bathroom fixtures factory in Hespeler. Portions of it were built in 1847. American Standard purchased it in 1969.

This was one of the main money-makers in Hespeler and helped lift the little town onto its feet.
The factory closed in 2007. Ever since then the building has sat empty.

After many trips back, I finally found a way in. Turns out part of the building is being used by the Drayton Theatre company as a storage house for all their props & sets.

The building is now under video surveillance as well as a part time guard for nights. I have never run into anyone but I have friends who went at night and couldn't access the building. All POE's are locked up tight.

The building is being converted into Lofts.

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American Standard factory
As it was in 2014
Created by: mobileworks

American Standard factory

American Standard factory

American Standard factory
American Standard factory
American Standard
Created by: brianrdouglas

American Standard factory

American Standard factory

American Standard factory

American Standard factory

American Standard factory


Status: Under Construction
Category: Industrial


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mobileworks says:
1/31/2015 12:04:14 AM

It looks like it was vacant a lot earlier than 2007. I wonder what the hold up is on the condos. That view would be great. Good find back in the day Skye.

SuperSonic says:
5/21/2012 10:00:28 AM

there is a lot of work going on at the site. Renovations are well under way.

doom vs says:
2/6/2012 3:03:33 PM

No they aren't taking it down...after all this time of getting approval and whatnot? They are probably trashing some of the non 'lofty' parts lol.

SuperSonic says:
2/5/2012 9:20:28 PM

I've heard the owner was at Cambridge City Council about a week ago getting final approvals, and he is close to getting ready to do some serious construction. I think he's a developer from Waterloo that has done some conversions there.

doom vs says:
12/15/2011 8:14:57 AM

Damn it was on the Doors Open list...twice? Went this year, of course, not available lol...

doom vs says:
12/14/2011 8:16:25 PM

Soon to be lofts...or at least, that's how the story goes. Sale center is open. Questions as to the soil contaminants etc. and the proximity to a flood plain probably remain.

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