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Alpine Hotel

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City: Scarborough
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Status: Demolished
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Created By:OnlyMe
Creation Date: 4/2/2013
Last Updated: 4/27/2015
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The Alpine Hotel was built in 1927 and opened as a hotel in 1937 with a stable in the basement for horses which was accessible through the back of the building. Closed in 2011 and no longer owned by the family who loved and ran the business, the Alpine is sadly slated for demolition. No POE's as it's very well boarded up, and I have had contact with the previous owners of the building, but they can't or don't want to let anyone in.

The Alpine Hotel is in the process of being demolished

Demolition Time
Alpine Hotel
Created on:4/27/2015
Created by: OnlyMe
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Alpine Hotel
Created on:4/2/2013
Created by: OnlyMe
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middayowl 9/10/2016 12:01:36 PM

This is completely gone. As of right now, there's a giantic condo in construction.

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