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Across from Long Drive

Ontario : Bradford
Location #4848

Location Owner:timo explorer
Creation Date: 5/28/2012
Last Updated: 5/28/2012

This complex of barns and workshops sits directly across the road from location #1995 "Long drive to home Bond Head".
Looks like what used to be a cattle barn, as well as various workshops, drive sheds, a couple of transport trailers(empty), and a chemical storage shed.
According to Google Maps satellite, it shows a rundown house was there when the air photo was taken, now there is only an overgrown foundation.
Nothing really exciting, just loads of rural building photo ops, for the curious explorer. Lots of colours and constrasts everywhere.

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Status: Demolished | Category: House or Farm

Across from Long Drive
Created on:5/28/2012
Created by: timo explorer
28 photos
Missed Opportunity 2011
Across from Long Drive
Created on:3/28/2012
Created by: OAP
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Province: Ontario

ann_faith says:
5/30/2012 5:14:17 PM

would have been cool to see the old house that was on the sat. images...oh well atlease they left us some barns..! nice pics Tim

timo explorer says:
5/28/2012 8:50:29 PM

The long driveway is across the road, but now has a large and intimidating, but not impassable, metal gate.

OAP says:
5/28/2012 8:46:33 PM

So there I was last year, at this same location cursing that I was in the right area and unable to find the long driveway in question. So I took photos of the barns and left.

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