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Abandoned Spragge Cemetery

Location #5328
City: Blind River
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Status: Abandoned
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Created By:angelswalk
Creation Date: 9/2/2012
Last Updated: 7/26/2013

In Spragge Ont there lies an old cemetery Im told its abandoned. We came across an old grave and found a bone. We called and they came and re buried it in the grave. The persons tombstone had the tree growing into it as if it was holding tightly, securely so as never to let this stone fall down. Rumour is its an Indian graveyard. You have to cross threw a wet area and old wooden bridged spot then over the railway and threw the bush.

Spragge Cemetary
Abandoned Spragge Cemetery
Created on:7/26/2013
Created by: Jeshka
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Spragge cemetery
Abandoned Spragge Cemetery
Created on:9/2/2012
Created by: angelswalk
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Address: spragge ont

mobileworks 9/18/2012 8:53:39 AM

Who ever you called , Angelswalk, call them again, please, and have them at LEAST cut the grass.....and on a regular basis. Thanks.

Everson4u 9/11/2012 11:58:33 AM

I remembered this graveyard as a child. We lived in the big white house across the bridge where the ship slips were located. My father and I visited both the Catholic and Protestant graveyards.

Golson Moldon
Golson Moldon 9/3/2012 8:20:08 PM

Shame on the township for not taking care of their forefathers!

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