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Abandoned Plaza

Located in: St. Catharines
Location #15213

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Location Owner:tyler_connelly
Creation Date: 3/17/2018
Last Updated: 3/17/2018

This building is currently vacant however in the back there looks to be a very small business for custom cabinets. I knocked on the door but there was no answer. There are camera's on property. The location is for lease (as seen in photos) but it looks very run down and judging from google street view the street view was taken in 2015 so it's been vacant since at least summer of 2015. The popper room was right beside it as well that I will visit on a later date. No POE at this point but I wouldn't take the risk either.

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Status: Exterior Photos
Category: Commercial


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    Abandoned Plaza
    Created on:3/17/2018
    Created by: tyler_connelly
    8 photos

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