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A Barn With A View

Location #10428
City: Amaranth
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Status: Repurposed
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Created By:KarlySun
Creation Date: 5/21/2014
Last Updated: 5/21/2014
This beautiful cobble stone and pine barn sits on a dirt street and has been left crumbling for over a decade. A dentist and his wife used to own the land and had a house. There was a house fire and the house was burned to the ground and what was left of it was buried under dirt so there is now a small hill where the house used to be. A family living in Toronto owns the land and rents the fields to local farmers but the barn is not in use. Enter with caution as the barn is no longer structurally sound. There is a shed which has some farm equipment that belongs to farmers who use the land so I suggest staying clear of that.

Not sure if there is surveillance, I would watch for the neighbors as they use the fields. If you do decide to visit do so respectively and carefully, especially if you try to go on the top level of the barn.

A Room with a view
A Barn With A View
Created on:5/21/2014
Created by: KarlySun
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Address: 373000-373104 6 Line, Amaranth, ON L0N, Canada

haweater 5/23/2014 12:14:42 AM

The most effective way to preserve an old barn is to use it for its intended purpose.

Such attractive horse pens going to ruin... Barns need to have livestock living in them all winter.. the heat from their bodies will keep the frost out of the stone foundations and keep it thawed. Once the animals leave for good, successive freeze and thaw cycles slowly undermine and heave the foundations

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