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6745 Highway 62

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Status: Demolished
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Created By:UnLeashed_Photography
Creation Date: 5/23/2013
Last Updated: 5/23/2013
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This place has been abandoned for years. It is situated between Quinte Bowl and Jiffy Auto on Highway 62. I am pretty sure demo is in it's future as some other homes have already been knocked out on this road for the lane expansion. The weird thing was ALL the windows were open but all the doors were locked to the main house. I was lucky enough to get access to the garage and be able to snap a few of the house interior through the windows. There may have been another explorer stop by in the past because I found a map stuck in the front door to the house leading to other locations. There was also a note in the side door from a "Laura" wanting information on the place and interested in renting it. I could tell that this letter tho was very old and had been there quite a while.

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6745 Highway 62
Created on:5/23/2013
Created by: UnLeashed_Photography
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Address: Highway 62, Belleville, ON K8N 4Z5, Canada


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