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46 Meadowcliffe Drive

Location #2696
City: Scarborough
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Status: Demolished
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Created By:OnlyMe
Creation Date: 5/8/2011
Last Updated: 3/5/2017
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This small cottage is tucked away from the road, along a cliffside street near Bluffer's Park. Many of the multi-million dollar homes in the area are for sale now, due to erosion of the sandy soil of the bluffs, along with the treacherous hill which is your only way down to the end of this street.

The home can be found by walking along the road, and looking for #48 on the south side. The actual building can't be seen from the road, and the street number is approximate, as there isn't one on the property. To find it, just go past #48, and keep an eye out on the south side for what used to be a beautiful tree lined driveway, and is now dark and overgrown. There is also an orange construction fence across the former driveway which has been pulled down. There is now a camera here as well as on the house it's self, pointed at the driveway.

There used to be a way in, but that has now been boarded up. The interior shots are ones I took last year but never uploaded

*Update - 23/4/2013*

This house is soon going to be demolished, as they are preparing to build a new home in front of the existing one. This property is actually owned by the same people who own a house just a few doors down the street toward the East, the one with the painted iron fence and circular driveway. Today when I went down Meadowcliffe to try and snap a few more of Billy Van's cottage, I saw a van and construction crew at 26 putting up some sort of framing mid way between the existing house and the road. I spoke with a neighbour who was out doing yard work, and he told me a little about the place. Apparently it's been left abandoned for 16 years just up the road from the owners!

*Update 10/4/2015*
This location is now demolished and the new house is half built.

Old photos from my visit
46 Meadowcliffe Drive
Created on:3/5/2017
Created by: chiller
21 photos
46 Meadowcliffe
46 Meadowcliffe Drive
Created on:5/8/2011
Created by: OnlyMe
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chiller 12/4/2011 10:32:54 PM

I was inside once. Some crazy stuff in there. Even found a K-tell record selector, and many of the clothes were still hanging in the closets. If I can figure out how to post some images I will add them here, if that is o.k

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