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407 Barn

Located in: Oakville
Location #11235

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Location Owner:Tomo
Creation Date: 10/5/2014
Last Updated: 10/7/2014


Visible from the 407, this barn has had a "For Sale" sign on the highway-facing wall for at least a year. There is a pile of scrap planks just in front of it. Nothing of particular interest.

Abandoned houses may be dangerous! Read the LEGAL DISCLAIMER.
Always obtain permission before entering someone else's property.

Status: Abandoned
Category: Barn

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    May 2013
    407 Barn
    Created on:10/7/2014
    Created by: superss
    7 photos
    Oct 2014
    407 Barn
    Created on:10/5/2014
    Created by: Tomo
    10 photos

    Jesseshera says:
    8/16/2018 1:12:30 PM

    seems to be a dumping ground now, always see cars sitting at the entrance and last time i went there was old furniture, cement blocks, old bags of clothing, flooring materials and straight up trash all over... the property next to it seems to be abandoned now

    superss says:
    10/7/2014 11:02:09 PM

    The Admins will probably delete this location, it really isn't much more than a shack with no known historical significance & there has to be thousands of similar buildings throughout the province. I didn't post it as a location because I didn't think it warranted it. I'll add a few of my own photos for now, but I anticipate deletion.

    superss says:
    10/6/2014 11:26:26 PM

    The barn was part of a property that was expropriated & demoed just a little to the north east of the barn & just south of the 407. The barn appears to be in the way of a future transportation corridor expansion & the remainder of the land is part of the Natural Heritage System & will be part of a forest restoration & be part of the Glenorchy Conservation area.

    superss says:
    10/6/2014 11:15:01 PM

    I believe an older gentleman still lives at the house beside this location. I see him on occasion along with his son (?) & a yappy dog. I think the property with the small barn (this location) now belongs to the Region of Halton.

    Tomo says:
    10/6/2014 8:34:01 PM

    There is no doubt that it probably belongs to the owner of that house, however I haven't seen a car, tire tracks in the dirt driveway or any other sign of life the few times I've gone by.

    mobileworks says:
    10/6/2014 2:24:32 PM

    This barn is fenced in with the house and buildings beside and thusly, looks to belong to that owner.

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