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255 & 258 Grey Street
Located in: London
Location #15578

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Location Owner: Iwaslookingformycat
Creation Date: 9/10/2018
Last Updated: 9/10/2018


The owner of Family Circle also owns these two houses that are barely standing. Both are boarded up but seem to have easy access points. It would appear that they were left to rot with items inside. Today was my first day scoping it out and within two minutes of taking these pictures he walked over to ask me what I was doing. Night time would probably be best time to enter. They will be demolished, along with the restaurant shortly so get it while it's hot.

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Status: Being Demolished
Category: House or Farm

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    Address: 255 Grey Street, London, ON, Canada
    Province: Ontario

    Outside pics
    255 & 258 Grey Street
    Created on:9/10/2018
    Created by: Iwaslookingformycat
    7 photos