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Echo Lake Cemetery
Located in: Central Frontenac
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Location Owner: fiso
Creation Date: 6/28/2015
Last Updated: 6/28/2015

The GPS is not precise (although it is in the general area - I just can't find it on Maps or Earth) , the address is accurate.
There is an active part of this cemetery (which I find remarkable given the location) where the Crawford name has been celebrated. There is also a very well decorated 2*4 acting as a headstone with a wreath and a pair of ballerina shoes adding their own oddness to the display. When taken into consideration by itself, this would seem unremarkable. When coupled with a relatively new headstone celebrating the life of Agnes Ruttan (d. 1928) which had, you guessed it, a cowboy boot right beside it, I evaluate this to be a legitimate "Boot Hill" cemetery. Well, no, not really.

The other part of the cemetery is a central monument to the settlers, and their families, of this somewhat isolated area. There are at least 15 small jagged stones arranged around the area. I take them to be the actual graves of the deceased here. Earliest YOB, 1808, Latest YOD, 1917 with the youngest being 4 months old. The Ruttan family name is still seen on mailboxes along the road (which begs the obvious question, does anyone still get mail?) and there is a small town (err.....intersection) named Wagarville nearby.

The two parts of the cemetery have taken a lesson from Les Nessman and have divided themselves with a line on the ground.

Abandoned houses may be dangerous! Read the LEGAL DISCLAIMER.

Status: Active
Category: Cemetery


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    June 2015
    Echo Lake Cemetery
    Created on:6/28/2015
    Created by: fiso
    11 photos