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Ontario Abandoned Places
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Locations for Wainfleet
2 Old Rail Bridges and a Cat? 113Bridge/LocksAbandoned
Abandoned Passenger Rail Cars 16RailwayAbandoned
Abbey House 112House or FarmAbandoned
Across from Retro Boogie 15House or FarmAbandoned
As Far as Decay Can Get 225House or FarmAbandoned
Basement in the Woods 18House or FarmAbandoned
Erie Peat Trailer Dump 16OtherAbandoned
Farm Machinery Storage 220House or FarmAbandoned
Hopkins Tomb 217CemeteryHistoric Location
Mohawk Island 216OtherAbandoned
Retro Boogie House 563House or FarmAbandoned
River Townline Swimming Hole 19FoundationsAbandoned

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