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Locations for Vaughan
3 X 27 = 81 10174House or FarmDemolished
Abandoned Autoshop 120House or FarmAbandoned
Animals at Large 124House or FarmDemolished
Birch Grove Farm 218House or FarmAbandoned
Clarence House 14House or FarmBeing Demolished
Concord Floral 487CommercialDemolished
Concordian Motel 110CommercialDemolished
Dark and Waterlogged 464House or FarmAbandoned
Destroyed Farm From '85 120House or FarmAbandoned
Down the Drain 17OtherAbandoned
Drug Store Trolley 218CommercialAbandoned
Dufferin Teston House 18House or FarmDemolished
East Don Headwaters: MNR lands 435EducationalClosed
Forest Rangers TV Show Lot 345CommercialUnknown
Huntington farm house 228BarnDemolished
HVHT Bridge 18Bridge/LocksAbandoned
Jane Eyre 15House or FarmAbandoned
Little White Church 210ChurchActive
Maj. Mac Gas station 19CommercialDemolished
No Curbside Appeal 11House or FarmAbandoned
Patterson (ghost town) 212Ghost TownAbandoned
Pine House 796House or FarmAbandoned
Suburban Outcast 14CommercialActive
Tennis Anyone 219House or FarmDemolished
Teston Houses And Barn 340House or FarmAbandoned
Teston Road Barn 236BarnDemolished
The Vault - Maple Cemetery 28CemeteryAbandoned
United Wrecking 122House or FarmAbandoned

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