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Ontario Abandoned Places
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Locations for Rideau Lakes
Abandoned Cabin in the Trees 216OtherAbandoned
Abandoned Playing Field 118RecreationalAbandoned
Bastard (Lillie) Cemetery 122CemeteryClosed
Chaffeys Mills 113Ghost TownClosed
Colonel By Island Rec. Center 111House or FarmAbandoned
Crumbling Side Hill 123House or FarmAbandoned
Delta Stone Mill 112Mill/FoundryActive
Drummonds Gas 113CommercialAbandoned
Elgin Farm 113House or FarmAbandoned
Farm 26 15House or FarmAbandoned
Forfar Today 215Ghost TownActive
Investment Opportunity 18House or FarmActive
Japanese Martyrs Cemetery 214ChurchAbandoned
Lewis Hunt Club 18OtherAbandoned
Lombardy School House 211EducationalUnknown
Miners & Sappers ~ Newboro 18CemeteryAbandoned
Mission Site on The Mountain 15CemeteryAbandoned
Morton SchoolHouse 15House or FarmAbandoned
Ripley Cemetery 114CemeteryAbandoned
Steven's Cemetery 18CemeteryAbandoned
Strickland Farmhouse 115House or FarmAbandoned
The Red Brick School 15EducationalClosed

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